Members of the IASS are registered on an individual basis by paying a membership fee, either directly to the IASS (see "Download Membership Form" below), or through their membership of a national association that is a affiliated to the IASS. The following are national associations affiliated to the IASS:

Advantages of IASS membership:
Membership Fees
Annual Membership Fee:

Individual Members:    -----    31 Euros (+ 5 Euros Bank charges).

National Associations:    -----    93 Euros (+ 10 Euros Bank charges).

Institutions:    -----    100 Euros (+ 15 Euros Bank charges).

Students: *    -----    16 Euros (+ 3 Euros Bank charges).

Three-year Membership Fee:

Individual Members:    -----    93 Euros (+ 10 Euros Bank charges).

National Associations:    -----    279 Euros (+ 20 Euros Bank charges).

Institutions:    -----    300 Euros (+ 20 Euros Bank charges).

Students: *    -----    48 Euros (+ 6 Euros Bank charges).

*Students are required to send a PDF copy of their current student cards to the Treasurer and to the General Secretary (

Payments have to be made in Euros and that the exchange rates for other currencies are payable by the sender. We recommend direct international bank transfers through your bank to the account of the IASS. We do not accept payment by cheques because of exorbitant bank charges.